San Francisco

5,760 sq ft
interior/exterior design, custom lighting

Paragon was a busy gastropub that combined an urban alehouse menu and full bar in the SOMA district of San Francisco. The restaurant sorely needed updating so we were charged with making the space approachable, beautiful and current without feeling too “designery”. We had to do it on a shoestring budget in a short time frame so the
restaurant could be back up and running quickly.


6,100 sq ft
interior/exterior design, custom lighting

Located in the heart of the historic Pearl District, Paragon Portland echoes the airy, spacious style of the surrounding art galleries. Industrial, yet approachable and comfortable, Paragon is in perfect accord with its surroundings — urban, architecturally diverse and with its own stamp of originality. After a successful remodel at Paragon San
Francisco, the owners asked us to do the same for Paragon Portland. The small budget required many trips to far corners to find things that were original, authentic and/or weird.