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With August Bradley
June 25-26, 2011

From the Studio of August Bradley Media

Sponsored by:
Hasselblad + Broncolor + Samy’s

I have been having so much fun doing live demo shoots and presentations over the last few years that I’ve been thinking for a while about designing a more comprehensive program. So it’s time to take it to the next level. I’m pulling some talented friends and partners together to create a unique learning and sharing experience.

These will be the workshops I wish I could have taken earlier in my career. The first will be a two day shooting & production weekend. Then a bit later we will look at a post-production workshop.

And I’m applying the best learning technique I know — total immersion. Learning a language is best accomplished by immersion in a culture that speaks nothing but that language for a period of time. That’s what I aim to do with this series of workshops.



The Workshop
This workshop is primarily targeted at professional photographers and ambitious amateurs who have the basics down but want to take their work to a higher level. As part of the registration, there’s a questionnaire that will give us a better sense of the specific class’ needs and interests. August will also touch base with each person registered to get a better sense of what their objectives are and the areas each student most wants to focus on. The program will be highly tailored around those attending.

In the midst of the formal workshop, we will have meals and evenings spent building relationships, comparing notes, and expanding horizons with groundbreaking photography films and extensive discussion with peers.

Here’s a rough outline of what we’re planning:

Location for all sessions:

The Studio of August Bradley Media
Los Angeles, California

Centrally located to much of the best nightlife and restaurants in the re-vitalized downtown Los Angeles.

June 25 & 26, 2011


Meet & Greet Dinner (Optional)
Friday, June 24 – Evening

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Fashion & Conceptual Photography
June 25 – Shoot Day #1

Discussion on Pre-Production:
Casting & working with Model Agencies
Building a Creative team
Props & Set building
Color palette design

Live shoot demonstration
Hands-on shooting
Tethered shooting
Client presentation on set

Group Dinner + Evening Film in Studio on 20 ft. Screen (Optional)

- – – – -

Beauty & Portrait Photography
June 26 – Shoot Day #2

Marketing your work
Approaching Magazines
Approaching Ad Clients

Live Shoot Demonstration
Hands-on shooting
Lighting for pop and high impact
Beauty & Portrait Compositions
Tethered shooting
Client presentation on set

Gear Access for Both Shoot Days:
We will cover a lot of lighting scenarios with simple lighting setups than anyone can do with minimal gear. You don’t always have the big toys.

But knowing what is available and how to use them also opens up an entire world of possibilities for bigger client gigs and special personal projects. We will be fortunate to have an arsenal of the best gear in the world provided for your experimentation by Hasselblad and Broncolor, the best-in-class for lighting tools and cameras.

Broncolor lighting equipment including Scoro packs, 8 foot Parabolic Reflector Umbrellas, and various exotic specialty lighting tools that you will leave knowing how to use effectively.

Medium Format Digital Cameras:
Hasseblad cameras ranging from the H4D-31 to the H4D-60 and an assortment of lenses to play with will be at your disposal.

You are of course also welcome to use your own cameras as well.

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