When one of my friends gets an new mobile device I often get an email asking for app recommendations.  I get this request so often I  developed a standard reply, and thought I would share that here. I think these apps are essential for people in creative fields.

In most cases these exist for other non-Apple mobile devices as well.

My Top 5 Mobile Apps

5. Sketchbook Pro - with Pogo Sketch stylus to draw. Illustrate and share your ideas.  (This is the one on the list that is really only good with the iPad).

4. GoodReader – awesome document viewer/organizer, and management tool for PDFs, Word DOCs, TXTX files, and many more. A great tool to view, annotate, re-distribute, and organize all the documents you get from clients and others on your team.

3. To Do – by far the best to-do list app I’ve seen after much testing  (I live off of this app, it runs my life).  Synch it with a free Todledo account. Stay on top of what must get done, prioritize in by various dimensions.

2. Instapaper – the app I love the most and would least want to give up. Register for free account, install “save it” buttons on all browsers where you view web pages, then every time you run across a longer article that you do not have time to read, just click the Instapaper save button on that browser and the article will be waiting for you on your iPad/iPhone (in a better format, stripped of much of the irrelevant stuff from the  web page). It creates the ultimate self-edited magazine ready to read.

1. Evernote – most powerful app ever (essentially a relational database), but takes a while to figure out how to use it effectively for your own life/work. But when you do, amazing. It is a storage place in the cloud for everything you might possibly need later without the clutter of stockpiling everything – and easy to find by “notebook” categories, tags, and text search within photos (which is incredible – take iphone photo of biz cards, receipts, wine labels, signs, handwritten notes, anything and the text in the photo is searchable).

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