I have been working on a series of promotional images with Jesse Campbell, the powerhouse vocalist and leading performer with Christina Aguilera’s team on the NBC tv show “The Voice”.

If you haven’t seen Jesse yet (both of his performances so far on The Voice have been viral hits), you should check these out: Battle Round performance and Audition performance.

I’ve also been working with Jesse’s design team for his web site www.JesseCampbell.com, so that will have a lot of familiar images. Jesse asked them to build his website around the work we shot together (layouts, color tones, etc…). Nice to have the work find a home so well designed for it.

We shot most of these at the design studio of Thomas Schoos, another creative collaborator I’ve been brainstorming with and a huge talent in his own right (he has done some of the most high profile interior designs of restaurants and hotels in LA and around the world).

Images below.