The rapid viral momentum of the “99 Faces of Occupy Wall St.” portrait series has been fascinating to watch.

It was propelled by being run with background articles in the The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, The New York Times Lens Blog (one of the most respected photography presentations), and many others driving tens of thousands of daily unique visitors to the website. It all happened in less than two weeks, here’s a summary:

The site went live late on a Wednesday and posted I to my blog, Facebook, and Twitter account (@augustbradley). That Thursday and Friday most of the Occupy movement blogs, twitter accounts, and digital publications were posting it including a home page post on AdBusters, the media publication that inspired the occupy movement in the first place. That sent a big spike in traffic and hundreds of Twittter tweets and Facebook posts.

The following Monday The Washington Post and New York Times both expressed interest in working it into their online publication schedules. Then the next morning the police raided and evicted the OWS camp and the story hit a new level of urgency and interest.

The Washington Post ran it on their Arts & Culture blog immediately, pulling comments from my project description and from my blog post into their article (The Washington Post “Arts” Story). The New York Times Lens Blog, one of the most influential and widely followed photography blogs, called asking for images re-sized to their specs within three hours, and they did a twenty minute interview for their article which ran the next morning (NY Times “Lens” Gallery Story).

This led to discussions about the series on Slate, The New Yorker, and many others.

Early the next week The Huffington Post contacted me about doing a story, did an interview, and that went live the following day (Huffington Post Story)

With this media exposure, traffic to the site skyrocketed: Facebook had over 3,000 “shares” (i.e., people who posted it on their walls), and Twitter tweets were well into the thousands. Visits to the website reached tens of thousands a day.

One of the most exciting results was to be featured by and invited to join the organization Shoot4Change. This group uses the power of photography to change the world.

I knew it would get some attention, it was a headline with growing momentum and this was a unique look into it. But I had no idea it would go this far in just a couple weeks. I’m still getting requests from publications all over the world.