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Color Grading TV Commercials

Color Grading TV Commercials With our switch to the RED Epic camera, we’re now working with RAW files on the tv commercial shoots. This gives us an extraordinary amount of color control and range. Below are a few snapshots from my day in the color grading suite optimizing the color on the files from our last shoot. With film (as opposed to digital), color was an obvious part of the Director of...
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RED Epic In Our Latest Productions

RED Epic In Our Latest Productions The new RED Epic Camera and Arri 18-80mm 2.6 lens that we were testing in my earlier post has now been rolled into production on our latest tv commercials. It’s a beautiful setup — detailed photos below. The lens is not only quicker for transitions (no lens changes), but also sharper than the Zeiss CP2 primes we had been using. The raw files are beautiful, with an...
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Inside the Sound Studio

Inside the Sound Studio I was in the sound studio this weekend with my audio guru and master sound designer, Geordy Sincavage (Emmy recipient from work on Lost, Alias) who I work with closely on motion projects, and with master audio mixer Onna who mixes the sound for CSI among other projects. Several elements contribute to creating the final audio for a film or dramatic tv . There are endless effects and...
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HDSLR Rig for TV Comercials

HDSLR Rig for TV Comercials Since the earlier post detailing the HDSLR rig we were using for the ABC Family commercials, my team has done several more tv commercials and along the way we have extensively refined the kit. The last setup was highly functional but a bit of a Frankenstein monster. The new rig is more compact, cleaner and more functional, especially from the standpoint of pulling focus —...
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Photo Shoot Behind-the-Scenes (Time ...

Photo Shoot Behind-the-Scenes (Time Lapse Video) This is the first of a couple views behind the scenes of the Louver shoot that I recently posted images from. The time-lapse covers most of the shoot with a frame taken every 10 seconds. It was a half day shoot with just a few looks, which is relatively short. It gives a sense of the process on the shooting stage in my studio. Lighting was very simple in this shoot, we wanted to...
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Beauty Lighting

Beauty Lighting Popular Photography Magazine has run a beauty story on how I lit this image – I walk through the entire lighting setup in the story with diagrams. FULL ARTICLE HERE (link)
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